Ladder Play
After a full summer of challenges from almost 40 Picklers, Greg Woodsum stood tall on the top rung. Second was Elke Jacobsen, and 3rd was Melody Woodsum. Congratulations to these three and all who participated.

Last week reining outdoor champion Greg Woodsum drew names from a felt bag to establish the starting rungs for the fall, indoor half-court singles ladder. This is an extension ladder so there‚Äôs plenty of rungs available for those who have yet to notify me of their interest.  Games are to 15 win by 2, and players change sides at 8. This game is almost a drill for dinks, lobs, court positioning, and accuracy of shots. The fall season ladder will end the last day we play at Falcon in 2016.

  • Players may challenge one or two rungs above them.
  • A challenged player has 10 days from the challenge to play or forfeits.
  • If you are nable to play for 2+ weeks, let me know.   I will put your name in italics indicating that rung isn't available so the player 2 rungs below may then challenge the player 3 above him/her.
  • North side (farthest from the lobby) serves first.
  • Games are to 15, win by 2, and players change sides at 8.
  • If a challenger loses, he/she may not challenge the winner for 7 days.
  • If the challenged player loses, he/she may challenge back immediately.
  • If a challenger wins, he/she should e-mail (do not call) me that fact.
  • Challenges must be played in the order they are issued/received.
  • If a player is challenged, after he/she has challenged another player, it is up to him/her to let the one who challenged/him/her know, if he/she wins so is no longer within 2 rungs of the challenger.