The Palatine Picklers have created a “club rating” system for our members, on an optional basis.

Benefits of this include:
A) It creates the opportunity for Picklers to track their progress, based strictly on performance and achievement vs. subjective human evaluation.
B) A Pickler’s “club rating” could be used as his/her “initial rating", when registering for a tournament outside our club events for the first time.

The ratings will be processed using "Deep Green" TM, the  propreity rating software engine of   The rating system is based on the Elo Algorithm  which is commonly used for player or team ratings in a variety of head-to-head sports.

The club ratings will be based on the current rating scale of 1 to 5 but will use four digits instead of two. For example a player may earn a rating of 3.163 rather than just a 3.0. The team has been using tournament data for over a year to refine this system to deliver "accurate and objective" ratings.

 Game results will be easy to record. There are 4x6 note cards at both Sycamore and Locust parks on which one can write the names of you, your partner, and the names of your opponents. After the game, circle the winning team. It is best to play with/against players who want to participate in this rating program. It doesn’t matter how often you play, but the more games you play the more accurate your rating will be. Try to play with, and against, as many Picklers as possible.

 Click on the Ratings Results button on the top of the page to see your ratings.  This link is not available on the  It's private for our use only.  

Once you open the link, you can sort by fields or search for your name.  Your entry is based strictly on the match results submitted to the system.  Everyone will be given an "initial rating."  Then, the actual match results (win or loss) make the ratings go up and down. Instead of guessing that your rating is somewhere between a 2.0 and a 4.0 rating, you now have a number that indicates your “real” rating, such as 3.164. 

 Click on the rating to see the match results that caused the rating to fluctuate as illustrated in each player's rating graph which is shown at the end of the match results listing.