Palatine Pickleball Club
Where Palatine Picklers Play


The Falcon Recreation Center is in the northeast corner of Palatine, located directly behind the Toyota dealership on the corner of Rand Road (Rt 12) and Hicks Road. It’s address is 2195 N Hicks Road. The phone number is 847-202-5111. There are six courts, and balls are provided.

Our indoor season runs from early October. We have 8:00 to Noon sessions for Players 50+ on Monday and Friday. Players are assigned their games so everyone should have a good and competitive time. Newcomers will be asked to evaluate their experience or level, to help in their first court assignment. After that court managers will have an idea of how to pair each player who’s new to this gym.

On Wednesday, anyone at least 18 years of age can play. On these days a “next four paddles” approach is used, though players can create their own groups, by putting their paddles at the end of the line. The fee for Monday and Friday is $6 for everyone, with $50/resident & $60/non-resident, 10-play passes that never expires is available. Your first visit will be free, if you identify yourself as a first-timer. Wednesdays at Falcon & all Birchwood sessions (see below) are $4 for everyone, with $30/resident & $40/non-resident, 10-play passes that never expires is available.


Birchwood Park has three courts in a nicely lit gym with no glare and few extra lines. Birchwood is in the southwest corner of Palatine, at 435 W Illinois St . The phone number is 847-991-1960. Because times change several times a year, it’s best to call to confirm play. We play Wednesday from Noon to 4:00, and Thursday from 11:00 to 4:00.  Our monthly newsletter will pass on to members any new play times at this facility.


Located in the far southwest corner of town, up to six courts will be found in Bldg M. Enter from Algonquin Rd. It’s the first building on your left. You’ll enter through the same door as the health facility uses, but turn right to get to the sports desk. It’s $5 per visit. Monday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.


Having opened late June, 2019, Palatine now boasts what many believe to be the finest, flattest, and, certainly, best-looking courts in the Northwest suburbs.  Located at 1037 N Smith Street in Palatine (across from Sundling Jr High), the six-courts are in two, adjacent cages. The three on the south are for recreational players, while the three on the north are for more competitive players. Anyone can go wherever he/she wishes to play, but if one wins three, consecutive time on the rec courts, it’s time to move to the other cage. Similarly, if one loses three, consecutive times on the north courts, it’ time to give the rec courts a try.

Our Pickler's Handyman Jim has created four PVC slotted pipes which hang near the doors of each cage. When a game ends, winners put their paddles on the “In” side of the winners’ tube. Losers put theirs on the “In” side of the lower rack designated for those who just lost. When a court opens, someone removes the four paddles nearest the “Out” end of the rack that bears the “next up” clip and moves that clip to the other rack.

Also, when a court opens those still playing move their game to the east. This reduces the congestion around the entry door and paddle racks.

TIMES: The cages are never locked so play is possible from early morning until 10:00 p.m. when the lights shut off. Expect Picklers to be on the courts EVERY day of the week throughout summer and well into fall, from 8:30 to 11:30 or so. Also, Wednesday and Sunday from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

Currently, the only “reserved” time for a specific group is Wednesday morning when the two easternmost court in the competitive cage are for 4.5+ level players who are scheduled to play on specific Wednesdays. If you’re of that level and would like to participate with this group, email us at with your name, phone, and level. We’ll have the Scheduler get back to you.

Windscreens have been installed on the South, West, and North sides (wind from the East is rare). There is a storage box outside the South door. Balls are keep inside for us as needed. Contact us if you’d like the combination, and please return balls, when done playing. BE SURE TO INSERT THE PADLOCK FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, or the box may never be opened again.  Donations can be anonymously put in the purple Crown Royal bag which hangs on his “Bear Chair” inside the cage where he’s playing.


This two pickleball and one, multi-use tennis court facility is located at the corner of Carpenter and Clark Streets. Now that Hamilton courts are open and popular, Sycamore gets any morning overflow. Throughout the summer, Wednesday mornings see these courts reserved for our free mentoring sessions from 9:00 to noon. The first 90 minutes is for drills. Then open play for Mentorees follows.

We have scheduled sessions here Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 2:00 to 4:00 or later and Sunday 4:00 to 6:00 or later. As popular as these sessions have been in prior years, Hamilton is having an impact on these so consider them hit or miss … just show up at the starting time, not 15 minutes later, or others may have already shown up, given up, and left.

A storage box just outside the fence contains balls, chair/s, a flag to mount for wind direction, and, perhaps a paddle or two for loan while on the courts.


This Morris Street facility is identical to Sycamore Park, except for not having a fountain or temporary toilet. The club provides balls that we keep in a small box hanging on the inside of the entry gate. Donations for balls are always welcome. If Bear and his Bear Chair aren’t playing where you are, you can email us at and we’ll send you instructions for mailing a check.

There are no set times for our play at Locust, but it’s an ideal spot for Wednesday morning action, when both Hamilton and Sycamore have limited open play.

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