Where Palatine Picklers Play

Our indoor season runs from mid-September through late May. We have three morning times at Falcon Recreation Center in the northeast corner of Palatine. It’s located directly behind the Toyota dealership that’s on the corner of Rand Road (Rt 12) and Hicks Road. It’s address is 2195 N Hicks Road. The phone number is 847-202-5111. There are six courts, and balls are provided.

Monday and Friday are reserved for those at least 50 years of age. Play goes from roughly 8:30 to noon. After each game you will hand your paddle to Chuck or Dana who will assign partners and opponents for your next game. It is our intent to avoid having games of mismatched skill levels. Newcomers will be asked to evaluate their experience or level, to help in their first court assignment. After their first game, Chuck or Dana will have an idea of how to pair each player who’s new to this gym. There are almost always demo paddles available which can be tried out and bought or ordered, if desired.

The fee for Monday and Friday is $6 for everyone, with $50/resident & $60/non-resident, 10-play passes available that never expire. Your very visit will be free, if you identify yourself as a first-timer.

Wednesdays are for anyone at least 18 years old. These days do not attract the larger crowds you’ll find on Monday and Friday, perhaps because players are on their own to find games, and many players like to “stick to their own kind.” Despite there being fewer players, a beginner may feel a bit ignored. It’s best to be aggressive and ask someone who appears to be of similar ability if you can play with him/her.

Wednesdays at Falcon & all Birchwood see below) times are $4 for everyone, with $30/resident & $40/non-resident, 10-play passes available that never expire.


Birchwood Park’s gym has three courts in a nicely lit gym with no glare and few extra lines. Birchwood is in the southwest corner of Palatine, at 435 W Illinois Street. The phone number is 847-991-1960. The Palatine Park District makes daytime and evening time available to us at the busy Birchwood gym whenever possible. For the summer of 2018 these are limited to 6:30-8:30 on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Our monthly newsletter will pass on to members any new play times at this facility.


This two pickleball and one, multi-use tennis court facility is located at the corner of Clark Street and Carpenter Street. When the number of players justifies, we have the stronger players drive one mile to an identical facility at Locust Park on Morris Street. The only difference is that Sycamore has a Porta Potty and a drinking fountain. Locust does not. The club provides balls that we keep in the storage bin outside the fencing. Donations for balls are always welcome. Bear often attaches a purple, Crown Royal bag to his colorful chair into which donations may be placed. It’s recommended that each player brings a chair, as there’s likely to be a waiting period between your games.

Monday and Friday our reserved time is from 8:30 to noon. Wednesday play is from 8:30 to 10:30. Then all three courts are used 10:30 to noon for our free, mentoring program which is open to all new and developing Picklers.

Tuesday we play from noon to 4:00 to 6:30.

Thursday we play from noon to 3:00.

Saturday we play from noon to 3:00.

Sunday we play from 4:00 to 6:30.


Thanks to the efforts of Pickler Liz Berry, we're able to offer you this comprehensive list of courts.

MORE CHICAGOLAND INDOOR PICKLEBALL VENUES The following link takes you to a chart on which you can check by town, court, and day. Then click on what you like, for times, fees, etc .


We’ve met with the Park District regularly. They are well aware of the Palatine Pickleball Club’s incredible growth, and the number of our members who do reside in the Palatine Park District. Though none of the Park District’s numerous tennis courts are scheduled for resurfacing in 2017, it’s extremely likely that in 2018 we’ll have a six- court, exclusively pickleball, facility. It’s a possibility we’ll get even more.

We’re hoping to get Tuesday and Thursday playing time in the Birchwood gym in 2017, but certainly in 2018. IN the fall of 2016 we had 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Fridays that was embraced by ever larger numbers of Picklers, until youth basketball needed that time slot. We expect to enjoy that again next fall. We’re also working to get second session/s (for additional fee) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons at Falcon Recreation Center.