The Palatine Pickleball Club was established in 2015. Four years later we’re closing in on 1000 members. The goal of the club is to promote pickleball through Palatine and nearby communities and enhance our Members’ enjoyment of the sport any way we can. This includes informative and photo-filled, monthly newsletters, a variety of T-shirts bearing the club logo, events such as our Skinny Singles Ladders, King/Queen of the Court tournaments, travel leagues, social events, mentoring, and promotion of professional workshops in the area.

Though not an affiliate of the Palatine Park District, we do work with them to best reach our mutual goals. They provide all the indoor and outdoor courts on which we regularly play. By summer of 2019, we expect to be enjoying a new complex of six, lighted, exclusively pickleball courts. With the Park District’s permission, this will allow us to host travel team events

We are an extremely welcoming and nurturing club. Regardless of experience, age, or ability, you’ll love being a Palatine Pickler. Age? Yes, while almost all our members are at least 50, we have some “honorary” members as young as 13. More than 400 “Palatine Picklers” shirts have been purchased by members. These help to promote our sport and club. A number of our members come from more than 20 miles away to play with us, passing other playing options along the way. One reason is we do strive to have competitive games on our courts, rather than the random mismatches often found elsewhere.

If you have yet to try the country’s fastest-growing sport, Palatine is a great place to get started. Let me know you’re coming, and I’ll make sure there’s an extra paddle for you. You can reach me by clicking the “Contact Us” tab or emailing me at PalatinePicklers@gmail.com . Pickleball is the easiest paddle or racket sport to learn, but it’s usually described as the most complex and most addicting. Hope you join us, and thanks for visiting our website.

Bear Shatwell,

 Founder & President

Club President

R Barry Shatwell (Bear)